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Revive Your Life!

REVIVE Wellness is a mobile lifestyle brand that travels to you. The REVIVE Tribe's main goal is to assist you in developing your own wellness and spiritual practice. Our practitioners are one of a kind and cater to you in your home, office, hotel, yacht or Hamptons' Summer rental.

"Wellness should be enjoyed by all and a daily practice in life.
Experiences to improve one's health are no longer limited to the few, but are now accessible to all." 

Founders: Jessica Bailey & Mateusz Mostek

Playing around and getting a new perspective in Puerto Rico. Planning and manifesting for what's to
Keeping it local with these yummy peaches and berries 🍑🍓💛 Ditch the pesticides, go organic and en
The sky couldn't have been more beautiful last night 🌈 ._
Happy Tumble Weed Tuesday Hamptonites! 🤗 🍃Enjoy the rain ☔️snuggle ✨ diffuse some oils 💦 stretch
Find your tribe...create a circle of unity and shared energies 🔮 Be uniquely you..
By eliminating your misconceptions of your own worth and growing roots into the truth, magic happens
It's been real Rincon! 🇵🇷 Loved everything about this wonderful surf town and saw plenty of Montau
_Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise._ ✨👍🏼☀️ Up and OUT at 5_00am
Make magic happen ✨🔮_._._
Silent Disco Yoga Dance Party last night 🤗 It was cold, it rained, there was a rainbow, we danced,
It was a LONG trek up the El Yunque trail in America's only tropical National Park
This is getting real! 🎉_Lots happening this summer in The Hamptons! Join the Tribe and find out how
It was as if the heavens were shining a beam of light down on us this morning in Montauk! If you're
REVIVE your life with _montaukjuicefactory 💦 These guys are crushing it and we LOVE their name choi
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